Freight Digitization

Transport Technology Africa focuses on providing mobility and logistics solution in Africa. We focus on mainly on the Africa region where we model local available infrastructure to optimize best transport solutions for humans and cargo, while embedding AI, data, machine lining in the through experience. we are team of more than 10years experience in the international supply chain industry, hence we created robust application that can effectively manage the real time events required in transportation of goods.

One of recent solution is the transport App, (T-square) for that provides online shipping services to users, the app allows use to make request for a shipping from anywhere around the world and follow through the process of transport till the end delivery. In addition, it has flexible payment features where user makes payment for only time of shipping achieved. It is an all-encompassing application that reduces makes shipment effective while reducing costs and time resources for users.

Drone transportation/Delivery

Our team of experts is currently working on mapping out routes and hubs to start effective drone delivery of products. This is strategically focused on improving the service of the eCommerce delivery.

Thanks to our enthusiastic employees who make sure all goods reach destinations in a fast and safe way. We are doing everything so that consignments reach their destinations. Flexible and environmentally friendly rail services provides reliable and pre-defined scheduled departures.

We are proud to serve more than 13,000 customers and are the most environment friendly mode of land transportation, so our rail freight service is always the top choice.