Land freight

Our freight transport services are fast, efficient and reliable, even under these challenging circumstances. We deliver goods on time withour trafic jams at the borders and operate with our own traction services in 200 different countries. We can increase its capacities according to clients' demand.

Our strengths and advantages

Our strengths and advantages make us different from our competitors and we always is one of transportation and logistics firms customers expect to conduct their shipments

Transport Tech Africa domestic delivery are able to deliver at any location within the country. We have a 24 hours standard tracking system to keep our clients updated about their goods. We provide haulage and tracking services within the country. Transport Tech Africa also makes provision for Final home delivery services in foreign countries, with different partners network worldwide. Transport Tech Africa is currently expanding its domestic delivery services to other West African countries, this being part of an establishing vision of Transport Tech Africa.
All logistics services/operations at Transport Tech Africa are automated and are run through a robust and dynamic web application to optimize time and resources. Our IT teams are always available to ensure the smooth running of this department.