Combined Freight Solution

T-square Africa can combine various modes of freight transport according to the logistics requirements of the client. Combined freight service is necessary for a situation where other means of transportation are scarce at transit or whereas to achieve a balance in cost of shipping and to reduce total transit time to destination. We combine Seafreight transport with airfreight, point of transshipment which are usually large cargo hubs which necessary must be free trade zone operated to avoid the extra local cost.

Our strong alliance with other freight stakeholders has enabled us to achieve desirable result in terms for combined freight solutions.

Project Cargo

With years of experience, explore our team of professionals deploying project cargo services across the world. You will find our strategy and project management effective to achieve time and cost objectives. We have deployed project cargo services in various sectors.

Customs Brokerage Service

T-square is currently licensed by the Nigerian customs service to operate, we provide the service of evaluation, inspection, and examination, releasing at expedient time. We are experienced all kinds of cargo import and export clearance procedures, this has even enabled us to automate the service of customs clearance for our customers. Moreso we are increasing our presence across Africa, in other to have similar experience in customs clearance procedure.

Research and Development

Our R&D department is currently using modern technology to improve freight and transport solution I different areas. We use knowledge of AI, machine learning, Data Mining and IOT to cross out all lagging in transports assets, so that client can have new solutions, note that we are basically concerned.

We cover:

You can get all benefits of custom clearance service, including being proactive with changes in customs regulations, procedures, and licenses that impact your business.